This is a list of Group events which have been scheduled for the next few months. Please note dates and activities can be subject to change, so you should always check your emails from the President for the latest information
===== EXHIBITION TITLES for the year 2018 =======

January --------- Abstract.
March ----------- Movement.
May -------------- Old.
July --------------- Music.
September ---- Macro/Close Up.
November ----- Free choice. This is the only one where the two year limit does not apply, it can be of any age.


THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23rd. 10.00-12.00 Frame Change to Free Choice Exhibition. 14.00 Niobo from the Photography shop in Olhao doing a presentation on Pro Cameras and Filipe will be talking more specifically about them to narrow a large topic down.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24th. 19.00 Opening of the Free Choice Exhibition.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 7th. 14.00 Critique on the Free Choice with Professional Photographer Nick Atkins. Afterwards showing of photos you may have entered and why you did not.


--- 2018 ---

THURSDAY JANUARY 11th. 14.00 Workshop Basic Flash Techniques. Fill-in-flash, looking at image within an image. Neil and Gordon.
There may be time to include photos taken from our Trip away in April last year.

THURSDAY JANUARY 25th. 10.00 –12.00 Frame Change to Abstract Exhibition.
14.00 APG Laptop Training with Fred on Windows FastStone.

FRIDAY JANUARY 26th. 19.00 Opening of the Abstract Exhibition.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8th. 14.00 Critique on Abstract with an invited Professional. Afterwards showing of photos you may have entered and why you did not.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 22nd. 14.00 Workshop photography with a Flamenco Dancer. This will be very helpful for the March Exhibition Title which is Movement.

THURSDAY MARCH 8th. Field Trip Coastline and a Roman Settlement this is being looked into by Gordon and Roger.

THURSDAY MARCH 22nd. 10.00-12.00 Frame Change to the Movement Exhibition.
14.00 Neil will remind members about Spyder Pro 5 for calibrating your computers followed by the showing of the Flamenco photos.

FRIDAY MARCH 23rd. 19.00 Opening of the Movement Exhibition.

THURSDAY APRIL 5th. 14.00 Critique with an invited Professional Photographer . Afterwards showing of photos you may have entered and why you did not.

THURSDAY APRIL 19th. Field Trip to Quinta Dos Vales Winery this will be a FULL DAY with LUNCH organised by Roger.

THURSDAY APRIL 26th. 14.00 Workshop with John on Lightroom


PROGRAMME SEPTEMBER – NOVEMBER 2017 - as at 17/08/2017.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7th. 14.00 in the Gallery.
The Critique on the Tourism Exhibition with Paulo Viegas from Tavira.
Paulo used to be an APG member a while ago.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 21st. Workshop Field Trip to Ferragudo.
Lead by Christine Hill.
Photos to be taken in HDR, Panorama, Stitching & Texture.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 28th. Frame Change for the Still Life,Jewellery in
Fruit,Vegetables & Plants Exhibition. 10.00-12.00.
14.00 Workshop with John McComish ‘’How to Critique Photos’’.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29th. 19.00 Opening of the the Still Life Exhibition.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 5th. Field Trip to Alvor Airport. Lead by Govert Sakkers.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 19th. 14.00 Annual AGM open only to members.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 26th. 14.00 Critique on the Still Life Exhibition.
With Professional Photographer Luis da Cruz.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2nd. 14.00 showing the results of the Ferragudu
workshop and photos from Alvor Airport.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16th. 14.00 (weather permitting)
Christine Hill has come up with an idea Magic Circle, members with
their cameras will be in the Museum grounds with limited space to
photo what is round them. NEW.



FRIDAY JULY 28th. 19.00 Opening of the Tourism Exhibition.

THURSDAY JULY 27th. Frame Change for the Tourism Exhibition.
10.00 to 13.00. 14.00 Will notify later if something else is on.

THURSDAY JULY 20th.14.00 Annual Picnic at the Museum.
A fun social afternoon with entertainment. Details later.

THURSDAY JULY 6th. Workshop on Faststone for Sizing for Printing,
Colour Correction & Black and White Conversion with Fred.
Laptops to be brought, no connection to broadband needed.
Faststone is a free programme that ALL MEMBERS can download.

THURSDAY JUNE 29th. 14.00 Critique on Portraiture with Peter.

THURSDAY JUNE 8th. Changed to Boat trip from Portimao to Silves.

FRIDAY JUNE 2nd. 19.00 Opening of the Portraiture
Formal & Informal Exhibition.

THURSDAY JUNE 1st. Frame Change 10.00-13.00.
Title Portraiture Formal & Informal.

MONDAY MAY 22nd. 10.00. All Frames to be removed
and taken away,they cannot be left at the MUSEUM.
Please remember this when you enter the March
Exhibition if you are not going to be there on May 22nd.
you cannot expect someone else to do it for you!
Gallery CLOSED until Frame Change below.

THURSDAY MAY 11th. Proposed Trip to Zoo Marine.
Mary to organise & look into the costs.

3 nights. New details sent out to those going.
A very varied and interesting programme.
If you are interested get in touch with me please?
Partners and friends WELCOME.

THURSDAY APRIL 20th. Neil’s Portfolio Challenge Members Judging.
Portraiture in Emanuel’s Studio. Only 5 members at a time.
Peter would like to take the NEW MEMBERS photos + discussion
on Portraiture as we have that as an exhibition Title.

THURSDAY APRIL 13th. 1st. Basic Practical Techniques on Shadow,
3rd.rule & Slow Shutter Speed Photography with Peter & Gordon.
2nd. Out at the Museum to take the photos and the results to be
shown on the projector. A new teaching idea. Projectionist required?

THURSDAY APRIL 6th. 14.00 Critique on Architecture & Bridges
with Peter.NO MORE than 5 photos of what alternatives you might
have entered. VERY IMPORTANT including the one you did enter
so that it can be shown on screen with any alterations suggested?
NEW IDEA. Fred as projectionist.

FRIDAY MARCH 31st. 19.00 Opening of the Architecture & Bridge

THURSDAY MARCH 30th. Frame Change 10.00-13.00. Title Architecture
& Bridges. 14.00 Showing of the Bom Successo Boat Trip.
Maximum 10 photos on a USB stick.

THURSDAY MARCH 23rd. Alvor Airport. Lead by Govert.
Details to follow when we know what will be on that day.

THURSDAY MARCH 9th.14.00 in the Gallery Story of the
APG Trip to Spain last year.Lead by Keith and Gordon.
Please email 10 of your photos to Keith now for inclusion?