This is a list of Group events which have been scheduled for the next few months. Please note dates and activities can be subject to change, so you should always check your emails from the President for the latest information
===== EXHIBITION TITLES for the year 2018 =======

January --------- Abstract.
March ----------- Movement.
May -------------- Old.
July --------------- Music.
September ---- Macro/Close Up.
November ----- Free choice. This is the only one where the two year limit does not apply, it can be of any age.

Thursday April 19th. Field Trip to Quinta Dos Vales Winery a full day with lunch organised by Roger Shrimpton.

Thursday April 26th. 14.00 Workshop with John on Adobe Lightroom.

Thursday May 10th. Field Trip to the Caves at Portimao organised by Mary.

Thursday May 24th. Frame Change 10.00-12.00. for the ‘’Old’’ exhibition.
14.00 Showing of the Winery photos and the results of the Monthly Challenge.

Friday May 25th. 19.00. Opening of the ‘’Old’’ Exhibition.

Thursday June 7th. 14.00 Critique on the ‘’Old’’ Exhibition given by Nick Atkins, a short break and then the showing of the Monthly Challenge photos of the Caves.

Thursday June 21st. 14.00 Information on using a filter on your camera and a suggestion to bring your oldest photo from your achieves to be shown and explain what settings you took it on and where you were at the time. You could of course use your entry from the exhibition?

Thursday July 5th. Day out at Lagos Zoo we have been a few times but it is a popular destination, the setting is lovely and there is shade, Another Monthly Challenge, organised by Mary.

Thursday July 19th. 14.00 Our Annual Picnic at the Museum. Neil’s Portfolio Challenge photos to be looked at and voted on and results given.

Thursday July 26th. Frame Change 10.00-12.00 for the ’’Music’’ Exhibition.
14.00. Showing of the Monthly Challenge photos taken at the Zoo.

Friday July 27th. 19.00 Opening of the ‘’Music’’ Exhibition.


Thursday September 6th. 14.00 Critique on the Music Exhibition with musician John Evans
organised by Judy.
Followed by an explanation of Judy & Gordon’s idea of a change to the frames,with an example.

Thursday September 20th. Changed because of the heat at San Domingos.
Visit to Font Ferrea to be organised by Gordon and Roger. Details later.

Thursday September 27th. Frame Change for the Macro or Close Up Exhibition 10.00-12.00.
14.00 Showing of the Monthly Challenge photos taken at Font Ferrea.

Friday September 28th. 19.00 Opening of the ‘’Macro or Close Up’’ Exhibition.

Thursday October 11th. 14.00 AGM. Nomination requests and details will be sent out by
Christine shortly as you know from the minutes she sent out there are going to be changes.

Thursday October 25th. A Twilight Challenge organised by Neil.
Probably meeting at 5.00 at the Museum to head off into town it depends on the light.
Hopefully the more experienced photographers will help others,tripods required.
Suggested at the end we go off for a meal somewhere for those who are interested.

November Exhibition is Free Choice, no rules at all for this one.