This is a list of Group events which have been scheduled for the next few months. Please note dates and activities can be subject to change, so you should always check your emails from the President for the latest information
===== EXHIBITION TITLES for the year 2018 =======

January --------- Abstract.
March ----------- Movement.
May -------------- Old.
July --------------- Music.
September ---- Macro/Close Up.
November ----- Free choice. This is the only one where the two year limit does not apply, it can be of any age.


THURSDAY JANUARY 25th. 10.00 –12.00 Frame Change to Abstract Exhibition.
14.00 APG Laptop Training with Fred on Windows FastStone.

FRIDAY JANUARY 26th. 19.00 Opening of the Abstract Exhibition.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8th. 14.00 Critique on Abstract with Liesbeth Noordijk.
Afterwards showing of photos you may have entered and why you did not.

- Portfolio Challenge presentation by Neil. Members are invited to join the competition by
creating 12 images of a certain subject which will then be bound into a booklet.
- Presentation by Fred on Screen Calibration with the Spyder hardware. This is owned by
the club and available to all members.
- Slide presentation by Veit on movement. He showed us several impressive images of
how to catch movement.
- Display of images of Christine's Sao Bras Field Workshop run by Carole last November.

THURSDAY MARCH 8th. Field Trip Coastline and a Roman Settlement this is being
looked into by Gordon and Roger.

THURSDAY MARCH 22nd. 10.00-12.00 Frame Change to the Movement Exhibition.
14.00 Neil will remind members to calibrate their screens with the Spyder Pro 5 hardware.

FRIDAY MARCH 23rd. 19.00 Opening of the Movement Exhibition.

THURSDAY APRIL 5th. 14.00 Critique with an invited Professional Photographer .
Afterwards showing of photos you may have entered and why you did not.

THURSDAY APRIL 19th. Field Trip to Quinta Dos Vales Winery this will be a FULL DAY with LUNCH organised by Roger.

THURSDAY APRIL 26th. 14.00 Workshop with John on Lightroom